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Some Quick Reasons to Toss Your TV For God – GOOD!!



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The most amazing invention of man has turned out to be the single, most destructive device that is responsible for completely changing the culture and habits of the world.  Think of the impact that a few perverted writers have had upon the thinking of people, as they sit in front of the television and ask it to teach them.  Man has divided the time on television and called it “programs,” and this is exactly what the television has done.  It has programmed the world to think as it thinks.  Hour after hour is spent in front of this box so much that it has blinded Church goers, who have become hardened to the sin that they see displayed upon this set through the repetition of seeing and hearing its philosophy, without even knowing it.  This short teaching about the television is written only from the basis of God’s thinking upon the subject.  It does not contain any opinions from psychologists, doctors, educators, etc. (though much has been written by these about the dangers of the television).  Everything that we need regarding our conduct in this life is already written in the Word of God.
Before we begin, I must say that in the flesh, I love to watch television.  It is very entertaining and fun.  I love to laugh and relax.  I love to hear the information that the news brings me.  I love to get all wrapped up in the movies and be entertained!  I love to watch the gunfights, feel the suspense, and figure out the end of the mystery.  I’m not going to lie and say that watching television is not fun.  I also must tell you that I have not had one in my home nor watched one for 18 years!  I also must tell you that I have ten children that all live with my wife and me.  They do not watch television either!  How can you live without a television????   We hear this question all the time.  My answer is this:  I live without a television the same way everyone lived without a television before televisions came out.  We have family time; we read books; we talk; we pray; we hug; we kiss; we learn other languages; we strive to think as Jesus would, without anyone else programming us to think as they do!!


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